About Us


Expanding the Narrative of Bitcoin In Nigeria & Across Africa

Our goal is to provide education, insight,and thoughtful conversations to deepen our audience's understanding of the global use case of Bitcoin in Nigeria and across Africa. Bitcoin represents a tool for social and human rights justice across Africa. It is permission-less, censorship resistant, financial freedom money for the people.

  • We connect with Bitcoin only StartUp Founders, Bitcoin core developers, ecosystem builders, and influencers to tell Africa's Bitcoin story.

Our Mission & Vision

The Bitcoin In Africa Show began as a podcast with a simple goal -- to tell the stories of the Bitcoin revolution happening in Nigeria. Our original intention was to expand the narrative of Bitcoin and amplify the leaders and builders across Bitcoin adoption and education in Nigeria. After one year of running the show we realized the entire continent of Africa could benefit from a #Bitcoin standard --and so we have broadened our scope to focus on #Bitcoin pioneers across the continent of #Africa. The podcast was created by former U.S. Regulator, banker, and Bitcoin advocate and Activist Charlene Fadirepo in July 2021. Charlene was frustrated about the dismal and inconsistent level of U.S. based media coverage about Bitcoin adoption in Nigeria. Despite Nigeria's skyrocketing adoption rates and its unique people led financial revolution, thoughtful conversations about Bitcoin in Nigeria across social media platforms were inconsistent at best. Charlene tweeted about her frustration about Bitcoin media's dismal coverage of Nigeria on August 1, 2021 --and that one tweet generated 838,000 impressions in one day. The tweet was retweeted by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block. The incredible success of this one tweet was the proof of concept that the show content was relevant and timely. So in late 2021, Charlene decided to launch the show live on Twitterspaces. The pilot show begin as a discussion series, that later grew into a monthly podcast. Charlene connected with the show's former co-host Software developer Heritage Falodun and launched the first episode on August 18, 2021.

The very first episode featuring the founder of Bitcoin financial services company, Bitnob, Bernard Parah was a huge success and had attendees in the hundreds. After a full year of audio and video episodes the Bitcoin In Nigeria Show was ready for its final transition. After the show's first year, Heritage transitioned out of the co-host role to focus on other projects. Charlene continued with the show, renamed it to the Bitcoin In Africa Show and expanded its scope to move beyond Nigeria and focus on #Bitcoin pioneers all across the continent of Africa. The Bitcoin In Africa Show enjoys a wide audience of fans and supporters across nearly every country in Africa and all around the world.